Tumblr – The Future of Blogging?

A study of Google searches has predicted that Tumblr is in prime position to overtake the term ‘blog’ on the web, enforcing the site’s status of being the most popular blogging platform. As seen in the diagram, ‘blog’ is still currently more popular in searches but if the trend continues, Tumblr will have overtaken the term by October of this year. Although Google searches are not exact statistics, the trends do say something about the site’s popularity and interest as it rises exponentially towards the top.

The current statistics for Tumblr include 50 billion hosted blogs that contribute to 20 billion posts and 15 billion page views. Most of these are from personal users who simply use the service similarly to how they use Twitter.

“The business world has been largely unsure of how to cater for Tumblr — which is shareable and fast-paced as Twitter but populated with more inspiring text and rich images — and this is likely to be a wake-up call for them.”

With the continuously-increasing popularity of Tumblr, if you are a business or person seeking a large web presence and notoriety, Tumblr is bound to increase your popularity.

This is an interesting trend that can be connected to the culture’s increasing demand for short, concise, and fast moving information. While Twitter deals with micro-blogging on a more intellectual, witty, and verbal method, Tumblr focuses more on video, images, and even GIFs that are placed in fully customizable themes. This provides a much more visual individualism to your page while still allowing you to easily share content to the site. If any blogging site plans to reach competitive numbers with the social media sites of today, it will most likely be Tumblr. Stay calm and Tumblr on.


4 thoughts on “Tumblr – The Future of Blogging?

  1. Information technology is the big deal. We already see Google trying to fuse the various medias, and there’s a massive market for creating THE next big thing for the “blogosphere” as the news media is wont to call it. We are swiftly entering an age were communication is both long distance and instantaneous. Once it was easier to walk to a guy and talk to him privately, and now we have an easier time calling them up, or waiting for them to check on their feeds. I’m currently running a business with people on 3 different continents in real time due to Skype and the internet.

  2. The way that Tumblrs are generally used really takes advantage of the current state of the internet. People’s attention spans are forever shrinking, and Tumblr blogs are ideal for extremely quick-hitting content. That’s why Tumblrs like “What should we call me” and others are so successful.

  3. I have just written a post about Tumblr and was carefully thinking about what to write in the “future directions” section. Thanks for the great insight, do you really believe that we should be moving off WordPress and onto Tumblr? And it surprising to see that is only in a few months…… Where did you get your graphics from?

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